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  What is the Mountville Welfare Association?
  • What does it do?
  • How does it help Mountville?
  • How does it help you and me?

We, the members of the Mountville Welfare Association would like to introduce this organization to you, the members of this community. Here is some information about the organization that we hope will be helpful.

Where did the MWA come from? The Mountville Wellfare Assocation was established in 1929 by a small group of concerned citizens of Mountville who realized that there were residents in the town who were in need. In spite of the fact the organization go its start during the Depression, it was supported by donations received through door-to-door visits.

How is the MWA fundend today? Thanks to a generous bequest by Edward Froelich in 1982, the MWA no longer needs to fund itself through door-to-door solicitation. The one million dollar gift was put into a trust fund which was established with the stipulation that the principal not be touched. The Welfare Association's task is to "direct the funds from the interest only to tax exempt charitable, educational or religous organization."

How has the money been used so far? Following this directive, the Welfare Assocation has donated funds to individual churches in the community, to the Mountville Ministerium (an ecumenical association of the churches involved in shared ministries in this community), and the Mountville Community Services Foundation.

What are some other projects? The MWA directly, or through the Mountville Community Services Foundation, has funded:

  • The Mountville Library rental and trash removal fees, and air conditioning installation
  • Summer Community Lawn Concerts held every Sunday at the Mountville Church of Brethren
  • A $1,000 scholarhip to a Mountville resident graduating from Hempfield High School
  • The Mountville Youth Athletic Association
  • The Ministry to the Mountville Homes, a lay chaplaincy program administered through the Ministerium
  • Policy bicycle patrols for Mountville and Manor Twp.
  • Bleachers and lights for the ball field in Froelich Park
  • Purchase of a commercial lawn mower, lawn care, and road paving in the Mountville Cemetery
  • Funding and maintenance of the "Woodworks" playground project
  • Updating rest room facilities in the Boro Park
  • The Mountville Fire Company
  • Projects of individual churches
  • Care for families in need, administered mainly through the churches
  • Initial funding for the CLIMB after-school program
  • Release Time Christian education program at the Mountville Church of the Brethren
  • American Heart Association student information
  • Boy Scouts of America, to aid a new community troop
  • Support the Mountville Swim Team
... and numerous other projects and organizations.

The Mountville Welfare Association
P.O. Box 56
Mountville, PA 17554

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